Grizail “Unity of the country” Rembrandt, 1641

Grizail “Unity of the country” Rembrandt, 1641
Grizail "Unity of the country" Rembrandt, 1641 - 1

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  • Museum: Bojmans-van Böningen Museum
  • Year: 1641

Description of the picture :

“Unity of the country” – Rembrandt. 1641

   Grizail “Unity of the country” Rembrandt wrote in 1641. Under this name, the picture was included in the inventory of property at the Rotterdam Museum of Boymans and van Benimgen. The painting was sold in 1656 to satisfy the museum’s creditors.

   This is a complex allegory calling for the unification of all the forces of the country in the face of a common enemy – Spain. Rembrandt probably wanted to use it as a sketch for etching in the future, but he did not fulfill his intention. The boldly sketched sketch is full of dynamics, energy, courageous power. Created during the work on the “Night Watch”, he directly speaks of patriotic ideas that are indirectly reflected in the famous group portrait.