Gulyaki, Jan Stan, around 1660

Gulyaki, Jan Stan, around 1660
Gulyaki, Jan Stan, around 1660 - 1

  • Posted by Jan Stan
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: Around 1660

Description of the picture :

Gulyaki – Jan Stan. Around 1660. Wood, butter. 39×30

   Ian Stan is one of the brightest masters of Dutch 17th-century everyday painting. The theme of fun, entertainment and fun feast for the Wall (about 1626-1679), the owner of the zucchini, was familiar as no one else. The artist in his paintings does not seek the psychological analysis of heroes. He depicts only what anyone who has entered the inn, where there was a funny feast, can see. In the image of a smiling good-natured goulak, Stan portrayed himself. He seems to invite the viewer to condescendingly laugh at him and his wife Margaret, who sleeps sweetly without having to change her uncomfortable position. A mess reigns everywhere, giving an additional comism of the situation: the skulls of a broken tube are lying on the floor, in the foreground is a large shoe that has flown off the mistress’s leg. The whole scene to the smallest details is shown with great warmth and humor.