“Handset with trees”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview of the painting

“Handset with trees”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji – overview of the painting
“Handset with trees”, Archip Ivanovich Quinji - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji
  • Museum: Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts
  • Year: Between 1876 and 1890

Overview of the painting :

Sunset with trees – Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji. Oil on canvas.
   A painter often depicted sunset. He was always extremely accurate in the transmission of lighting: this brings him closer to the Impressionists, although the author never belonged directly to them. The artist’s unusual decisions influenced such currents as symbolism, expressionism, primitivism and phovism and their expression in Russian art. Quinji’s work inspired masters like N. Rech, N. Crimea and others.

   It should not be considered that these great artists thoughtlessly copied the tricks and motives of Quinji – this happens only to people in vain. Rather, at the time of the vision of the wonderful paintings of Arkhip Ivanovich, they were embraced by powerful delight, under the pressure of which the images they saw deeply crashed into the heart.

   The picture shows the sunset. He looks somewhat sad and this is not surprising: the first association with sunset is the approximation of darkness or even death. But the canvas does not look gloomy, because sunset will be followed by sunrise, and then a sunny day filled with joy and bliss.

   In this composition, we clearly see the insolence of Quinji’s treatment with paint, which inspired and scared his contemporaries. The flaming red sun in the west breaks through thick purple clouds. Although the powerful but fat sun still fails to tear the gloomily veil, the thinner and agile rays have already crawled out and, frolicing in the sky, painted it in golden color.

   Naturality in the transmission of flowers is undeniable: this is the picture we see when we return late in the evening after a walk in nature. Therefore, the canvas evokes some kind of related feelings in us: the artist is like us; although he lived at another time, but nature and love for her are common!