Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - 1

  • Date of birth: 24 November 1864
  • Date of death: 9 Sep 1901
  • Country: France


By right of birth, life Toulouse-Lautrec was to be successful, relaxed and enjoyable. The descendant of two ancient noble families was from childhood deprived by fate of the need to “get by” and tend to occupy a position in society. All that he had by right of birth… But no advantage of his noble birth Henri was not used.

Until 13 years of his life was no different from the lives of his peers from aristocratic families: private teacher, lives in family castle, summer at the resort. The trouble came when the future artist was 13 years old.

The magic of “unlucky” numbers was pursued by Toulouse Lautrec life. The fact is the most aristocratic origins. Lautrec’s grandmother were sisters, parents, a cousin… the Aristocrats tried at that time to preserve the “nobility of blood” and looking for their children suitable spouses in origin. Kinship in the family of Toulouse-Lautrec carried the misfortune to the offspring.

Twice after experiencing a hip fracture, Henri just stopped growing. Being a completely healthy person, Toulouse-Lautrec remained small, its growth never exceeded 152 see

Mother tried to cure his Henri, but did not help anything. The doctors shrugged, fractures provoked the manifestation of a genetic disease…

Low rise dashed dreams of a military career, employment policy. In accordance with the views of society about the aristocracy, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec had become a recluse and to minimize the appearance of light. But such is not born count Henri.

Drawing the boy became interested in the illness when because of the fractures and could not walk. The bones are fused, but the fascination became more and more important for a young aristocrat.

Training was not systematic and deep. Henri passed from one teacher to the next until until you feel confident in painting. He was inspired by the Impressionists.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - 2
Gradually favorite place Henri became Montmartre, which in the late nineteenth century was very mixed. Among circus performers, artists, regulars at the numerous cafes, prostitutes and pimps, Henri felt freer, more confident, more harmonious. No one here paid attention to his physical imperfection, spoke with him on equal terms, all didn’t care about his aristocratic origin.

Failure in love is strongly influenced by the character of Toulouse-Lautrec. All of his novels ended in a complete fiasco. The understanding and compassion he found among prostitutes in the Place Pigalle.

Creative activities in painting of billboards, posters, writing, painting, creating prints and graphic works, swallowed him completely. Inspired Lautrec were the inhabitants of Montmartre.

Criticism is very cool to the work of the master. His innovative techniques, unusual, unprecedented flavor and a strong influence of Japanese art, which can be seen in any of more than a thousand works of the author, seemed to European critics “futile and the desire to get cheap novelty effect”.

Despite the abundance of orders, Toulouse-Lautrec only after his death he received the recognition of the official art, and his work was the starting point for the painting “art Nouveau”.

He died in the arms of his mother. He died, as most of the inhabitants of Montmartre from syphilis and alcoholism before the age of 37 years.