“Homeland”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov – overview of the painting

“Homeland”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov – overview of the painting
"Homeland", Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - overview of the painting - 1

    • Author: Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
    • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
    • Year: 1886

Overview of the painting :

Homeland – Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. Oil on canvas. 49.2 x 72 cm
The Vyatka province with its wide plains, dense protected forests, transparent lakes has always served as a source of inspiration for Apollinaria Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, who throughout his life created excellent chamber and epic landscapes of his small homeland.

From a small hill in front of us, a magnificent panorama of the Russian plain spread. Summer day. Frowning, ash-gray clouds float low above the ground, tightening the high sky. Light blue azure is still visible through the gaps, and fluffy pearl-silac and white cloud caps shine almost at the horizon itself.

In the rays of the sun, pierced through the clouds, the gently olive greens of thick grass, and the dark-usummet rows of potatoes, and silver-memonic overflows of ripening bread, seem brighter.

A small village spread a little further, a well-dormitory well is visible between the illuminated brown-gray roofs of peasant houses. A forest shines in the distance, the water surface of the river flashes. The white church standing on a hill is clearly visible against the sky.

But the picture is not static: the peasant is slowly and measuredly following the soh, pushing the tired horse. Birds circle over the fields, it is important to pace the arable land.

Another plow lies at the edge of the plowed, dark brown earth in the foreground of the picture. And next to the blooming meadow, butterflies flutter in the bright blue, lavender and purple flowers. Smells of wet chernozem, subtle aroma of field flowers, twist your head. The artist’s palette is non-bright, it uses very little colors, but the rich variety of calm shades of blue, gray and green colors that harmoniously combine with each other fill the image with soft light and air.

Such an immense expanse before the eyes! The simplicity and greatness of nature fills with a sense of peace, delights with beauty, fills with inner strength.