Hudson-Fulton Stamp (2-Cent) — Issue of 1909

Hudson-Fulton 2-Cent Stamp of 1909

The tercentenary of the discovery of the Hudson River and the centennial of its first navigation by steam, which was celebrated in 1909, was also commemorated with a special postage stamp, which was first placed on sale September 25, 1909, at New York, N.Y.

The stamp is about 7/8 by 1 and 3/8 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally and printed in red ink. At the top appears the inscription “Hudson-Fulton Celebration”, with the years “1609” and “1909” immediately thereunder on either side. Below this inscription in a curved line are the words “U. S. postage.” At the bottom of each side is a prominent Arabic numeral “2”, with the words “Two cents” in a panel between the figures. In the center is engraved a picture showing the Palisades of the Hudson River in the background, with the Half Moon sailing up the river and the Clermont steaming in the opposite direction. In the foreground is an Indian in a canoe, and in the distance, just discernible is a canoe containing four other Indians, the canoes representing the first means of navigating the river.

Published by John Jr. Paperly
Source: Postage Stamps of the United States 1847-1959