Hunt, Annibale Carracci

Hunt, Annibale Carracci
Hunt, Annibale Carracci - 1

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  • Museum: Louvre
  • Year: 1585-1588

Overview of the painting :

Hunt – Annibale Carracci. 1585-1588. Oil on canvas. 136×253
   Annibale Carracci (1560-1609), inspired by the works of the High Renaissance, in his works tried to achieve purity and harmony of the painting of this period, lost in the art of mannerism. Together with his brothers, the artist created the Academy in Bologna, where he taught, laying the foundations of academic art. He wrote compositions on religious and mythological subjects, as well as landscapes ignored by artists of the era of mannerism.

   The “Hunting” canvas is a few genre scenes united by a plot against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape. On the left, the hunter in red carries on a stick the fresh carcass of the murdered animal, in the lower right corner of the picture, the characters are engaged in the necessary preparations, just lower on the hillside (in the background of the canvas) young man, looking into the distance, points a finger at something, below they slowly ride horses and talk two more characters of canvas, and on a long-range plane in the valley there is a real hunt with rushing dogs and horsemen.