“In nature”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting

“In nature”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting
“In nature”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1933

Overview of the painting :

In nature – Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Oil on canvas. 80 x 126 cm
   Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov painted the painting “In Nature” in 1933, at the age of 63. All his life he sang the beauty of the northern edge, wrote dozens of landscapes, paced and treated forest animals. Prose belongs to his pen, where he recalls with high literary language the images of his native Vyatka and the back streets of the Russian provinces.

   Therefore, this picture is one of the summarized results of the creative path of a person endowed with great talent to notice the beauty of nature and tell the world about it. The author himself said that he preferred to live in Spartan tourist conditions, by the water and in the light of a fire, contemplating the untouched nature – and that is what brought up, according to him, a landscape artist in him.

   The painting “In Nature”, like the rest of the landscapes of Rylov, is very bright, unusual in lighting and playing shades, with saturated flowers. Like many of his other works, it does not contain other images, except for majestic nature: neither houses, nor people, nor even the presence of wild animals and birds.

   In the center of the picture is a very small island, bordered by a moat (possibly dug artificially, since an ideal semicircle is formed) and a very narrow winding river. High trees and small bushes grow on the island, which are reflected in a transparent river.

   The day, apparently, is calm, since the water does not seem indignant, rather, on the contrary, it is smooth as a mirror. Reflection plays with all kinds of shades: the light is refracted in such a way that the shore seems red, and the thick greens gives away black. In the long run there is a tall dense forest, going deep into the picture. And on top of this splendor of nature, yellow clouds, saturated with sunlight, float in the clear blue skies look.