In the world inside out, Jan Stan, around 1663

In the world inside out, Jan Stan, around 1663
In the world inside out, Jan Stan, around 1663 - 1

  • Posted by Jan Stan
  • Museum: Museum of the History of Art (Vienna)
  • Year: Around 1663

Description of the picture :

In the world inside out Jan Stan. Around 1663
   In the picture, where, along with the home scene, sayings are also presented, a fallen housewife is depicted, surrounded by examples of incontinence and frivolity. Two lovers (judging by the pose of a man) drink wine, and a man taunts the reproaches of a modestly dressed woman on the right and does not pay attention to a man with a duck on his shoulder (this is a Quaker – a Protestant devout to fanaticism, a zeal of strict morality; a Dutch duck is also a “quaker”). He is not afraid of sword and cane – instruments of punishment in a basket above his head. Wears of wine; a child left unattended dropped a plate, and the dog eats up food on the table. In the background, the boy smokes the phone, the girl steals goodies, the stupid monkey stops the watch, and the roast in the fireplace fell into the fire. Meanwhile, the pig sniffs roses damaged by his lover – the Dutch equivalent of the expression “met beads in front of pigs” – and playing cards remind you of the danger of gambling.

   BUNNY. Many Dutch painters of the XVII century. reflected the luxury, showing the lushly dressed people at the table, served with magnificent dishes and expensive dishes. These paintings warned of the futility of earthly blessings and motorbage. In the picture of Jan van de Velde Death, waiting for a young couple (approx. 1620) there is an inscription: “We often feast in luxury when Death is closer than we think.”.