“Inner form of abundance”, Vasily Maksimovich Maximov – overview of the painting

“Inner form of abundance”, Vasily Maksimovich Maximov – overview of the painting
“Inner form of abundance”, Vasily Maksimovich Maximov - overview of the painting - 1

    • Posted by Vasily Maksimovich Maximov
    • Museum: Russian Museum
    • Year: 1869

Overview of the painting :

The inner appearance of the hut is Vasily Maksimovich Maximov. Oil on canvas.

With all his work, Russian realist artist Vasily Maksimovich Maximov proved his devotion to the village genre. Thanks to talent and perseverance, he himself was able to enter the Imperial Academy of Arts, and after its completion, the main characters of his paintings are ordinary peasants, their traditions, abundance, centuries-old laying of simple workers of the earth. According to the master himself, “he forever came to village life.”.

Living in a village in the Tverskoye province, he creates the picture “Inner form of excess. 1869. “. Before us is an ordinary peasant hut of a modest, even ascetic appearance. But the house is kindly cut down from logs, although without frills and jewelry. On the left is the only window large enough for the light to penetrate freely into the house. The floors are cleanly scraped.

At the top left are wooden shelves for different utensils. They are equipped with dishes, a basket, clay pots, cast iron and other items. They are all simple, but so necessary for household chores.

Under the shelves on the floor there is a wooden chest, simultaneously performing the role of a bench. Usually in such crates you stored the right things, sometimes products. To the right of the door, which was insulated along the contour of straw curled into the harness, there is a cajushion with water. The owners probably just brought it, it is clear that the cajushka is full to the brim.

A rope for drying clothes is stretched in the upper right corner. A pinned board with broken pieces of wood is also visible – it is a hanger for clothes or for some household items.

The whole kind of hut speaks of the immaculateness and simplicity of peasant life. Every thing, every item has its purpose and place in the house.

Vasily Maksimovich made several options for this picture with different internal types of village abundance. But invariably, with what knowledge the artist draws every detail of the interior. The author’s complete immersion in the village life and his true love for the simple life of the peasants are felt.