Is it always the Louvre has housed kings?

Is it always the Louvre has housed kings?

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  • Country: France
  • City: Paris
  • Address: 75001 Paris
  • Metro. Station – Palais-Royal – Musée du Louvre. Then about 8 minutes walk to the Museum.
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Recently, in the mid 80-ies of XX century, when the famous Parisian Museum was a great restoration, archaeologists found under its buildings, the remains of powerful defensive walls and moat the beginning of the XIII century It was the fragments of a well-fortified castle.

They are carefully restored, and now, down in the lower floor, visitors can see part of the ancient wall. Thus, it also became one of the Museum’s exhibits. And how varied and rebuilt the Louvre for centuries, can be judged by the models, showing what he was like in different periods.

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The castle of the Louvre in the year 1200 began to build the king of France Philip II Augustus wanted to strengthen the right Bank of the Seine. Himself Philip II lived on Ile de La Cité, where at that time could fit almost the whole of Paris. When the castle was built, king moved to his main tower – donjon — the Royal Treasury and archives. High walls and deep defensive ditches provided them with protection.

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Only in the 2nd half of the XIV century another French king Charles V landscaped Louvre castle and moved his residence. Ancient Chronicles refer to this king of the Wise, and for good reason: he loved the society of learned men, and in one of the towers of the Louvre has amassed a large library of his handwritten books.

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However, after Charles V, the Louvre has long ceased to be a Royal house. And in the Paris kings lived not always. France was with England a long, grueling war, called the hundred years (1337— 1453) and the French capital was occupied by British troops. The main seat of the French kings was the valley of the Loire river.

In the XVI century in France, followed by Italy, the Renaissance began. Therefore, the ancient castles of chivalry, has been erected on the banks of the Loire and its tributaries, rebuilt — from the dark fortresses they turned into graceful, beautiful palaces. There were new palaces, castles, such as Chambord, built by Francis I. the Royal court led a nomadic life, moving from one castle to another.

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   King Francis I was destined to play a prominent role in the history of the museums. During his reign (1515-1547) France long war with Italy. The king was victorious in the famous battle of Marignano and occupied Milan. It was then that he was fascinated of painting, sculpture, architecture of the Renaissance and began to invite to France the best Italian masters. Among them were the great Leonardo da Vinci spent in one of the castles on the Loire river, the last two years of his life and bequeathed to king Francis his painting “Mona Lisa”.

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In addition to her collection of Francis was another 38 paintings, and among them is another work of Leonardo’s “Madonna in the grotto” and paintings by Titian, Raphael, Andrea del Sarto…

At the end of his reign Francis I decided to move his residence to Paris. But the grim castle of the Louvre is not very suitable for the monarch, imbued with the refined spirit of the Renaissance. Therefore, the architect Pierre lescot was demolished almost all the towers and walls and erected in their place a Palace in the spirit of Italian architecture.

Timetable of the Museum

Monday, Thursday and Saturday the Museum is open from 09.00 to 18.00. Wednesday and Friday from 09.00 until 22.00. 3 Times a year, the Louvre is closed: 1 January, 1 may, 25 Dec.

The cost of tickets

About $ 15. Those who are under 25 years old the entrance is free.