Italian morning, Brullov, 1823

Italian morning, Brullov, 1823
Italian morning, Brullov, 1823 - 1

  • Posted by Karl Pavlovich Brullov
  • Museum: Queen Württemberg Winter Palace
  • Year: 1823

Overview of the painting :

Italian morning – Karl Pavlovich Brullov. 1823. Oil on canvas. 62×65

   The work is filled with tenderness, trepidation innocence, sophisticated beauty. The artist presented to the public the morning toilet of a young Italian. The southern, delicate sun caresses the back of the heroine, chastely shading the young chest and face. Reflecting on the jets of fountain water, the light emphasizes the features of the heroine’s face: a classic nose, chubby lips, semi-mowed eyelids with black eyelashes, under which black southern eyes barely guess. The heroine is focused on morning washing. The author remains invisible to her.

   The dark background of the picture, a special light allows viewers in all the subtleties to see the heroine without being distracted by unnecessary details of the surroundings. The heroine radiates special warmth, the girl is full of soft charm, natural beauty.

   The author managed to achieve amazingly reliable color combinations, brilliantly convey the texture of water, dark skin. Details, in the form of simple earrings in the girl’s ear, make her image attractive, sweet.