Jacques-Louis David

Jacques-Louis David - 1

  • Date of birth: 30 August 1748
  • Date of death: 29 Dec 1825
  • Country: France


Jacques – Louis David- famous French artist. Born in the family of a wealthy merchant on 30 August 1748. At an early age lost his father, so raising the boy was engaged in the mother and her immediate family. Already in early childhood, the boy enjoys drawing. In 1766 he entered the prestigious Academy of painting and art. His teacher becomes very famous at that time master of the ancient art of Joseph-Marie Vien. He thought highly of and believed in by Jacques-Louis as a real artist. Pedagogical methods of Vienne was based on a detailed study of ancient art and works by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, etc.

1775-1780 years engaged in deep study of antiquity, is seriously interested in the masters of Renaissance Academy that is already traced in his paintings.

In 1782 he meets his first and last love Charlotte Pecoul. They were married until the very last days of his life. They had four children.

1784 David becomes significant, it becomes a member of the Academy of painting. His dream came true. In the same year he exhibits his paintings and gets his first crush.

The revolutionary movement of that time and captures the young artist. From 1792 he takes a very active part in all the liberation movements. His political mood can be seen in the paintings in that period. After the Thermidorian coup of Jacques-Louis along with all of the participants were arrested and imprisoned. The whole family is very worried about him. But soon he was acquitted and he was released.

Comes to power Napoleon. Jacques-Louis becomes his supporter and, later, the personal and the only artist Bonaparte. After the fall of the Napoleonic Empire David together with his family flees to Switzerland and from there sent to Brussels. There he continues to work on a series of stunning portraits. Portraits of the artist are not particularly attracted, but because of the genre he gained fame. Although absolutely all of his paintings and a wonderful life.

29 Dec 1804 Jacques-Louis died at his home in Brussels. He was buried in Brussels cemetery Saint Gudule.