Jamestown Commemorative Stamps — Issue of 1907

A new series of postage stamps to commemorate the founding of Jamestown, the tercentennial of which was celebrated during 1907, was issued beginning April 25, 1907.

The stamps are described as follows:

US Stamps of 1907 - table with details

The stamps are rectangular in shape, 49/64 by 1 and 3/64 inches in size, and of three denominations, 1-cent green, 2-cent red, and 5-cent blue.

The 1-cent contains, in a semicircular frame, the portrait of Capt. John Smith, after a painting in the Virginia State Library. In the upper corners are medallions in relief, in oval frames, of Pocahontas and Powhatan; in the lower corners, shields with the numeral “1”; upon a scroll surrounding the portrait and conforming to the semicircle is the legend, “Founding of Jamestown, 1607”; on the base, “Captain John Smith,” with the years of his birth and death, 1580-1631. In the semicircle above the head are the words “United States of America”; across the extreme top and bottom, in white letters in green panels, are the words “Commemorative series, 1907”, and “Postage, one cent.”

Jamestown Commemorative Stamps of 1907

The 2-cent stamp contains a picture depicting the landing of the adventurers at Jamestown in 1607. On one side is a tobacco plant, and on the other a stalk of Indian corn. Underneath, on a scroll, are the words, “Founding of Jamestown, 1607.” In a curved panel over the picture, in white letters, are the words “United States of America”; on the extreme top and bottom, in the white letters on a red background, “Commemorative series. 1907”, and the words “Postage, two cents.” In each lower corner is a shield with the numeral “2.”

The 5-cent stamp contains a portrait, in an oval frame, of Pocahontas. In a panel at the top, in white letters, are the words “United States of America.” At the bottom, in a panel, are the words “Postage, five cents”; under the portrait, on a scroll, “Pocahontas”, and the years of birth and death 1595-1617. On either side of the portrait are shielded their bases resting on the lower panel, containing the
numeral “5.” Arising from behind these shields are scrolls with the words, “Founding of Jamestown, 1607.” In vertical panels on the right and left are the words “Commemorative series, 1907.”

The 1-cent and 2-cent denominations were first placed on sale April 25. 1907, at Jamestown, Va., and the 5-cent stamp at the same post office on May 3, 1907.

Published by John Jr. Paperly
Source: Postage Stamps of the United States 1847-1959