Juan Gris

Juan Gris - 1

  • Year of birth: 23 March 1887
  • Date of death: 11 may 1927
  • Country: Spain


The life journey of the painter and sculptor Juan Gris vibrant, exciting and interesting! He took a creative pseudonym. His real name – Jose Victoriano Gonzalez Perez.

Jose was born in Spain. His father was a commercial industrialist, manufactured in the factory paper. His mother was a house, and raising children in the family were thirteen. Jose was the youngest child. All loved him very much. He grew up smart, active, kind and dreamy. Seven years old the boy showed interest in painting. He loved nature, people, animals, trying to capture what he saw on paper, sketching with a pencil.

Primary education, the young artist received in the School of Arts and crafts of Madrid, but his studies were soon left to pursue painting on their own. He had coveted, secluded places in nature, where he could be alone and creative works. The young man had had an experienced mentor, who taught him to paint portraits. The teacher was the owner of a private school in Madrid. In the army, Jose did not serve. In tough times, he helped his family financially by selling drawings to the local press.

At nineteen the young man went to Paris, where he lived all his life, painting and creativity. He adored Paris! The artist was attracted by its brilliant architecture and unique attractions. Here he became acquainted with the artistic elite: artists, poets, writers of Montmartre. Juan Gris collaborated with a humorous Newspapers and magazines, draw illustrations for books, using gouache and watercolor. In 1913 he was engaged in the art of collage. Master the brush with pleasure create drawings in the style of modernism and was a true pleasure. He was fond of symbolism, but the true calling of found in cubism, becoming its founder. Wrote still lifes and portraits. In my circles, the artist was known as a master of abstract painting. On the formation of his character and world view was greatly influenced by the work of P. Picasso, F. Leger, Braque. The artist is a portrait of Pablo Picasso, executed in his favourite genre of cubism.

In Paris Jose led a secular life, arranged a meeting with friends, exhibitions, placing their works in famous galleries in France and Germany. Was friends with the art historian D. H. Kahnweiler. They had a lot of common topics for conversations. Had a wife and son. The paintings by H. Gris sold for huge sums at auctions.

The artist worked in the genre of “analytical” cubism. He liked to portray nebula and the effacement of boundaries between separate objects in space, the randomness and fragmented nature of the forms, the overflow of colors and a variety of changing faces. In the future, he has evolved spiritually and has mastered the “synthetic” cubism. Now his paintings became inherent in the less decorative, more terrain, lines, curves and fancy patterns.

Gradually, the artist has developed his own individual style. He loved to paint plastic, three-dimensional shape similar to the buildings and sculptures. Been interested in architecture and read a lot. Painted decorative fabric. In the mid-1920s, years worked on the theory of art, lectured on art for the students. Fond of unusual. He was attracted by the non-Euclidean geometry and the doctrine of the fourth dimension.

In the autumn of 1925 Juan Gris became seriously ill. He suffered from kidney disease and heart. Died on 11 may 1927 at the age of forty from kidney failure. His artistic works are known worldwide and are carefully stored in museums in different countries.