Kafka Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

Kafka Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

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  • Country: Czech Republic
  • City: Prague
  • Address: Cihelna 2b

Museum the mysterious and gloomy writer of the 20th century, has grown from a simple exhibition, which is not even in the Czech Republic appeared. It was opened in Barcelona. Then for a long time traveled, as if in search of his place. Finally, in 2005, the exhibition “arrived” in Prague. And stayed here. Who knows…

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Visitors already shocking the fountain at the entrance: two naked men to celebrate small need, turning to face each other. The fountain bowl is made in the form of puddles, their outline resembles the Czech border… Sculptor so strange, but honestly portrayed the eternal confrontation between Prague and Brno, which is strange for such a small country. Leave debates of the Czech Republic with Bohemia. This is only a prelude to the Museum.

The Museum exposition is divided into two equal parts: real and unreal.

The real world

Kafka and Prague… Between them there was a special relationship. Here, mutual love, and hate, and attraction, and fears. Visitors, hushed and concentrated, quietly pass along the shelves of exhibits: manuscripts, photographs, personal belongings, letters… In the halls constantly hear the sounds. It sighs and moans, the rustle of paper sheets, someone unintelligible whisper… the Exhibits allow you to obtain information about a person’s life, with the name Kafka, his life, destiny, relationship. The first part of the Museum’s prepares the viewer for the second part.

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The World Of Franz Kafka

Here the visitor enters the world of the writer’s works: creepy, dark, full of evil portents, but so attractive! The exhibits present the life of the city, invented by the author, with the characters of his works. The mystical atmosphere of this part of the Museum is unusually strong. Of course, if the visitor is familiar with the work of the writer, but others here won’t.

Among the main treasures of the Museum: the first editions of his works, diaries of the writer, the pictures that have not been previously exhibited. There are several successful installations. Each visitor receives a guide to the Museum in many languages, including Russian. In the Museum shop you can purchase any work of the writer, as well as a variety of Souvenirs.

The Museum is located on the banks of the Vltava river, just North of the famous Charles bridge, on the side of the castle. The location of the establishment is listed in all the guidebooks and tourist maps.

The entrance ticket will cost 200 crowns. The opening hours are 10 to 6 hours. Weekends do not happen here.

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