“Katya’s daughter with dolls”, Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova – overview of the painting

“Katya’s daughter with dolls”, Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova – overview of the painting
“Katya's daughter with dolls”, Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Zinaida Serebryakova
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1923

Overview of the painting :

Katya’s daughter with dolls – Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova. Paper, pastel. 63 x 47 cm

   A picturesque portrait of her daughter Catherine was written by artist Z.E. Serebryakova! The work was created in 1923, in the style of realism and modernity, with pastel on paper. The painting is available in a private collection.

   How much maternal love, warmth and care in a brilliant artist! Her beloved youngest daughter, Katya, is depicted in her children’s room. The girl managed to catch for positioning at a good, convenient moment, while playing dolls. The young lady agreed with interest, and sat down with toys in a chair.

   Katie’s look is attentive, serious, focused. She liked it when mom painted it. The girl’s eyes are smart and wise, on her cheeks – a bright blush. Facial features are noble and generous! She is dressed in blue – a blue dress. Red hair is gagged gently into a pigtail. There is an adult in the look.

   Three dolls are sitting next to her: on the right – one, on the left – two. They are pretty dressed. They have their own names. Dolls are the embodiment of childhood personality. Each toy has its own value, helping the child penetrate the world of adult life. Girl – future wife, mother, mistress of the house. Childhood moments are unique!

   The artist’s daughter is a divine creature! She loves the house and her loved ones. Kindness and sunlight pour from her. Despite her young age, Katya is already serious about life.

   On the table – a cup, a plate, a book, a small toy house, a pen, a notebook. An old watch hangs on the wall. The room feels a cozy, calm, homely atmosphere.

   In the work, the author used blue and white colors. They are in great harmony with the children’s room. An interesting technical reception with pastel. Zinaida Serebryakova probably used colored, soft pencils made from crushed and compressed colorful pigments in her work. The color palette of the picture is saturated with brightness, freshness, clear contours. Everything seems to be playing in a fairy tale of a happy, carefree childhood! Catherine looks with interest at her mother painting her. In the future, she will also become an artist, but for now she just dreams of this profession.

   The picture gives a great impression! It is pleasant to contemplate and reflect on life, dipping in childhood. It carries bright good and warmth, charges with favorable energy, heals from depression and nervous diseases. Artwork combines all the best and positive. She will look great in the home interior of the living room and nursery, giving beauty and harmony.