Kiev aviation Museum – description the Museum exhibits, Kiev

Kiev aviation Museum – description the Museum exhibits, Kiev

Kiev aviation Museum - description the Museum exhibits, Kiev - 1

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Kiev
  • Address: Medova str., 1

In 2003 in Kiev was an open air Museum. It is important to note that Ukraine is the only Museum of this scale, which covers an area the size of twenty hectares. The exhibits of the Museum is its assortment of aircraft, from civilian to marine. The Museum also offers exhibits of defense. It is important to note that the Museum is constantly arrive all new and new exhibits, charged to the account for different airfields. At rst glance, this Museum seems to be some ground where you can find everything from passenger sides, to missile defense.

On entering the Museum visitors are greeted by a TU-104. The uniqueness of this exhibit is its room – 001. Until 1958 the aircraft was necessary for the good of the Fatherland, and was then forwarded to the research and research training to the students of NAU. The cabin of the aircraft is also unique because it is the first VIP seats, on which sat government officials of the time. But the TU-104 is not the only plane with a unique number, there is still IL-18 and IL-86 rooms with Board 01.01. Most interesting is that the Museum’s administration was sent a commendation from the design office, for the preservation, in their opinion destroyed the Board.

Kiev aviation Museum - description the Museum exhibits, Kiev - 2
Especially breathtaking is located on the territory of the Museum of military equipment. In our day, she just peacefully sitting on the lawn, and it’s hard to imagine that once she was struck by its power and just plunged in fear of their capabilities. For example, with the MIG-25, today, fixed record heights in thirty-seven kilometers. As recently became clear in the Kiev Museum of flight presented a one of a kind collection of fighters series TU-22 that was able to make a nuclear attack. Near the sides, are striking in their grandeur missiles X-22, which are capable of one blow destroy a city in seconds. In addition to the usual tourists, the Museum is visited by people whose fates are connected with this technique. On one of the grounds of the Museum’s aircraft, which was used in the filming of the legendary film “go To fight some old people”.

Not as strange as it sounds, but in the Kiev museums aircraft is quite a few exhibits from Kyiv Antonov design Bureau. In the collection there are only three, which includes the famous “Kukuruznik”. Soon the Museum anticipates a new addition of five sides, including the aircraft giant “Ruslan”.

Unlike the rest of the Museum all the exhibits you can touch, and be photographed with them. The only thing to make a memorable photo, you will be required to pay five USD, but this memory is worth it. Even have the opportunity to visit some machinery and to inspect them from the inside, but, again, removed an extra charge of five hryvnia.