Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky

Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky - 1

Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky - 1

  • Date of birth: 6 Jun 1844
  • Date of death: 13 Feb 1905
  • Country: Russia


Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky is the one who drew funny bears in the painting by Shishkin “Morning in a pine forest”. Meanwhile, this outstanding Russian artist was a master of genre, a subtle observer of Russian life and an outstanding teacher and organizer, who reformed the learning process of young artists. But about all under the order…

The choice of life

Konstantin Savitsky is a native of Taganrog, however, his youth he spent in Livonia (the Baltic provinces of Russia, modern Estonia and Latvia). The fact that the boy lost his parents early and was determined to be raised by relatives who gave him to study in the house of a noble private school in Livonia.

But Taganrog and his native place frankivka left in the young Bones of the mark. The Azov sea, endless steppes – lovely landscapes of childhood Sawicki recalled all his life. This beauty inspired the boy to take up the pencil, especially because the family often traveled to the picturesque sea shore, and Savitsky made drawings from nature.

He threw his passion and years of training in Livonia, and graduated in 1862, the Board came to enroll in the Imperial Academy of arts, where you chose the specialization – historical painting. It is not surprising that talented young man very soon becomes the best student. Together for their paintings at the Academy, the artist gets 6 silver and 1 gold medal (painting “organ-Grinder” and the sketch “the Crucifixion”), and also awarded the scholarship of the Emperor Alexander II.

Years of maturity and creativity

In 1871 starts and travel overseas Savitsky, thanks to the then practice of the Academy to send the best students for internships in Europe. Here the master works a lot, studies the best examples of fine art, and even exhibited in 1878 no where else, and at the Paris world exhibition.

Turning point life becomes Savitsky 1875 – dies tragically his young wife. The painter returns home and works hard, not letting sad thoughts take possession of the soul. So are the best of his work “On war”, “Meeting of the icon”, “the evil one knows” and other.

Since 1883, Savitsky successfully tries himself in the role of a teacher. Over 5 years, he teaches at the school of technical drawing in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow school, and finally moved to Penza, where he became the first Director of the art galleries and art schools. In this position, the painter showed himself as a talented and intelligent Manager. Konstantin Apollonovich was personally involved in developing programs for students and the results were so successful that high school graduates were enlisted in the Academy of arts without entrance exams.

Taking an active teaching and administrative activities, Sawicki did not forget about creativity – as a result of its rich heritage. He died at the age of 60 years (1905), remaining to the last days at the helm of his beloved Penza school.