“Lethom”, Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov – overview of the painting

“Lethom”, Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov – overview of the painting
"Lethom", Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov
  • Museum: A. Museum.AND. Plastova, Ulyanovsk
  • Year: 1954

Overview of the painting :

In summer – Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov.

   The artist’s favorite theme is the children whom he wrote with tenderness and love. Before us is one of the most famous paintings of a painter, familiar to us in school textbooks. Juicy bright colors, light and warm color of the canvas create a good mood, fill with joy.

   A wonderful sultry summer day. The sun is flooding the forest edge. In the shadow of big birchas, grandmother and granddaughter sat down to rest, picking mushrooms and berries from the very morning.

   Attention immediately attracts a bright orange scarf on the head of a girl. Under the sun, he overflows with fun mustard yellow, scarlet and punz shades. The delicate skin of the face is emphasized by brown eyebrows, a thick dark chestnut bang, peering from under the scarf, fluffy black eyelashes. The baby deliberately breaks off the berry from the torn sprig and puts them in a blue enamel mug standing on her lap. The bare legs stretched out in a soft grass.

   Shaggy, the colors of the sand with black sub-valves, the dog fell to the side of the girl, laying its head on the elongated paws. She is napping in the sun, covering her eyes, but her ears listen carefully to the sounds around.

   On the left in the dense green grass there are high white birch trees, solar bunnies sparkle on the bright green leaves with golden yellow and silver glare. The summer breeze quietly pumps thin birch branches.

   Before them, in the foreground is a large clay jug filled to the top with ripe raspberries. His pen and wide strip are highlighted in dark green, almost black, emphasizing the warm honey-red shades of the jug itself.

   A large wicker basket and a bucket filled to the top with mushrooms stand nearby. A generous harvest of the Russian forest – hogs, chanterelles, waves, and not to list everyone.

   In the shadow of the trees behind the girl’s back, her grandmother lay down, bending her arm bent under her head. The woman’s jacket and skirt, the scarf with which she covered her face, play with deep blue halftones from dark to bright blue.

   The height of the summer, many wildflowers delight the eye. The painter perfectly conveys their implicit beauty, using all kinds of halftones and nuances of paints: gently lilac, bluish-lil, dark purple, amber yellow, white, pink! A slightly further visible flowering clearing, brightly lit by sunlight. Behind it is a dense wall stands a dark green forest.

   Looking at the picture, you notice a lot of details to which the master is so attentive: multi-colored beads on the girl’s neck, a white button on the sleeve of a grandmother’s sweater, a torn bark on the birch barrel, a broken edge of the mug, an old stump. All this gives an extraordinary reality and liveliness to the image.

   From the canvas blows a feeling of quiet happiness. Together with the artist, we admire the unique beauty of our homeland, the abundance of Russian nature.