Madonna and Baby, Quentin Masseis – a description of the picture

Madonna and Baby, Quentin Masseis – a description of the picture
Madonna and Baby, Quentin Masseis - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Quentin Masseis
  • Museum: Royal Museums of Fine Arts
  • Year: 1495

Description of the picture :

Madonna and Baby – Quentin Masseis. Wood. 130 x 86 cm

   The Mother of God with a baby in his arms Quentin Masseyas perfectly and brilliantly depicted! The painting was written in 1495, has a religious orientation. In the painting of the Renaissance, the artist created many works on orders of churches and monasteries. His favorite topic was women – Madonna with little children in her arms. They were idolized and worshiped like icons.

   The picture depicts the divine Virgin Mary with a baby in her arms. She sits on the throne reading a book. The Virgin is dressed in a long luxurious lilac robe. Her blond hair is loose; on the head is a nimbus decoration; the forehead is tall and open; eyes are down. A woman is full of wisdom and charm.

   She has a baby in her arms in a white swatter. He looks at the book with interest. In all likelihood, this is the Bible or a collection of church prayers. The kid does not yet know the alphabet and literacy, but he feels every line in this state textbook with his heart. He pressed his hand to his chest and consciously peer into the holy scripture. He is good and warm next to his mother. She is his protection and support in life. To contemplate the picture is pleasant and touching! She gives warmth, joy, tenderness, good. The whole composition is permeated with the light of Divine love. Motherhood adorns life and the universe, flowing through a golden stream throughout the planet. So it was and will be at all times!

   Madonna is sitting in the hall with solemn decoration. The royal greatness of the room gives the image brightness, parade, expressiveness. The artist used light brown colors, tones and shades in his work. He worked hard, painstakingly, with great inspiration. The picture brought him tremendous success and public recognition.

   The composition “Madonna and Baby” brings peace and happiness on earth. It gives people beauty, harmony, perfection, good luck. The brilliant creation is commendable.