Madonna del Popolo, Federico Barochchi

Madonna del Popolo, Federico Barochchi
Madonna del Popolo, Federico Barochchi - 1

  • Posted by Federico Barochchi
  • Museum: Uffizi Gallery
  • Year: 1575-1579

Overview of the painting :

Madonna del Popolo – Federico Barochchi. 1575-1579. Oil on canvas. 359×252
   The birth of baroque is clearly seen in the painting by Federico Barochchi (1535-1612), which created large emotionally expressive canvases with many characters and a complex composition. This art flourished in papal Rome in the era of Counter-Reformation, when the Catholic Church sought to strengthen its position in every possible way and wanted a powerful painting calling for believers.

   Barochchi depicts Christ, in front of whom the Mother of God stands on his lap and the prayer of the Son for humanity (hence the name of the picture: “popolo” in Italian means “people”). A variety of people crowd below: a cripple, a blind musician, a noble signora with children, a simple woman with a child. In the picture, the theme of “seven works of mercy” was also echoed, which, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, lead to salvation. Therefore, for example, a richly dressed boy is depicted here, serving the alms of the poor.

   The whole picture is full of movement, the architecture in the background is strangely shifting in space, giving the impression of something illusory. This feature was also characteristic of manierism – the direction from which baroque also grew.