Madonna with Baby and Saints, Giovanni Bellini, 1505

Madonna with Baby and Saints, Giovanni Bellini, 1505
Madonna with Baby and Saints, Giovanni Bellini, 1505 - 1

  • Posted by Giovanni Bellini
  • Museum: Church of San Zakkaria (Venice)
  • Year: 1505

Overview of the painting :

Madonna with Baby and Saints – Giovanni Bellini. 1505
   The large altar of Bellini’s work for the chapel in the northern wing of the church of San Dzakkaria in Venice was manufactured in 1505. Such a composition – the Holy Virgin with the Baby on her lap and saints, usually four or six, on both sides of her, known as the Holy Interview – creates a more cozy, cordial atmosphere than the solemn theme of Maesta, and was successful among the Venetian Renaissance artists.

   The picture presents the Holy Virgin, filled with golden radiance, seated with the Baby in her arms on a hill, in the depths of a high exedra. Neither the Holy Virgin nor the Baby look at the audience, immersed in their thoughts, the raised hand of the Baby resembles a gesture of blessing. The heads of St. Petra and St. Jerome is slightly inclined, and his gaze is thoughtful. Two saints – Catherine of Alexandria (her wheel is barely visible to the left of the throne) and Lucia – are also immersed in reflection. Only the look of a music angel, rushing into the distance, invites the viewer to join the stage of calm contemplation.

   SAMPLES OF THE HOLY GIRL. The incarnation of the Virgin Mary as the mother of Christ is the main doctrine of the church, in its image motherhood is often emphasized. As the genealogical tree of Christ, leading the beginning of Jesse, shows, his relationship with the father of David takes place along the line of the Holy Virgin, not Joseph. The image of the mother in the scenes is most pronounced when the Holy Virgin feeds the Baby Christ with his breasts; this plot was written by artists down to the Trent Cathedral (1545-1563), when disapproval was expressed to portray the Holy Virgin in vain. In the Renaissance, the Holy Virgin was often portrayed in the home interior or amid a realistic landscape; sometimes she was dressed in fashionable clothes of that time.