Malmaison, France – description and the address of the Museum

Malmaison, France – description and the address of the Museum

  • Country: France
  • City: 20 km from Paris
  • Address: Avenue du Chateau de Malmaison 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

   Malmaison Museum is only 20 kilometers from Paris. It belonged to the Empress Josephine and Napoleon. Malmaison are one of the most famous museums in the Paris suburbs. It was first opened in 1906, and the last restoration it was finished in 1992. During the reconstruction restored the situation that was present in the early nineteenth century. Almost all of the exhibits presented in the Museum are related to the personal life of Josephine and Napoleon. In other words we can say that the Museum presents those things that every day they enjoyed, and who do not mind to see the most tourists. After the reconstruction were added to a well-known exhibits, these are: portraits of the seven emperors, the throne of Napoleon, the sword and the bed where you slept and died the great warrior Napoleon.

The Museum sometimes hosts small exhibitions, the exhibits of which tell about the life and reign of Napoleon. The Museum staff provide the possibility to get acquainted with the many exhibits that are not represented in conventional displays. That is why France attracts a lot of tourists, when opening the exhibition.

Great interest among tourists has made the temporary exhibition the exhibition, which was called “the Toys of princes“. This exhibition was presented all the toys that have managed to preserve, for many years after which children played nobles and emperors. A very exciting exhibition and a lot of people liked it.

Today, visitors to the Museum can see the castle apartments, which can tell about what style was present in the First Empire, as well as porcelain, glass, awards and personal belongings of the Emperor Genis – Josephine. Some other things of Napoleon kept in the Museum of Bois-Préaux, near Malmaison. Today another Museum, unfortunately, closed for renovation, so the tourists who come to Paris should be content with what we have.