“Maternal duty,” Peter de Hoch, is a description of the picture

“Maternal duty,” Peter de Hoch, is a description of the picture
“Maternal duty,” Peter de Hoch, is a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Peter de Hoh
  • Museum: Reyksmuseum
  • Year: 1660

Description of the picture :

Maternal duty – Peter de Hoch. Oil on canvas. 52.5 x 61 cm

   One of the most lyrical paintings by Peter de Hoch, written by him during the heyday of his work, and his favorite plot is maternal worries. The canvas seems to radiate golden light.

   Cozy room, well-lit by the light from the top window. In the right corner there is a light brown wooden bed. Olive-colored strips are spread, a neatly filled bed with a plated bed and two snow-white pillows are visible. Recently washed floors from light terracotta tiles glow wetly. The rooms are decorated with paintings.

   Near the bed on the chair sits a young woman in a red sweater, a dark blue skirt and a strict black cap. A looking white shirt with a bright spot attracts the look. A little girl in a dark blouse habitually settled near her mother and laid her head on her lap. Mother gently and carefully parses the baby’s thick dark hair. Everyday household chores. Silence. Even a little dog quietly sits on the floor, looking into the yard.

   The painter pays great attention to carefully written details. A brass heating pad oblique hangs on the wall, a beautiful ceramic jug decorated with ornaments stands near the bed. Light yellow tiles with blue patterns on the wall next to the door, a glass bottle of oil seems absolutely real. In the foreground is a children’s chair made of dark wood.

   Another distinctive feature of the master’s writing manners is in this picture – a difficult spatial perspective. An open door takes a look to another room filled with bright daylight. Sunspots are on the floor. And there is another door open, or rather, its upper sash leading to the garden. The artist often used this technique, giving the space of the house perspective and depth.

   The painter uses a warm, golden palette, clean colors. The picture is filled with air and light.

   The atmosphere of family happiness, inner harmony, serenity is remembered for a long time and makes you return to it again in order to enjoy the feeling of the leisurely course of life, the warmth of home comfort.