Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 1

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • City: Prague
  • Address: Panska 890/7

The Czech capital – Prague, is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and a city of arts. Here in different centuries lived a very famous artists, designers, sculptors. Of course, the city can not keep memory about them. Today you will learn what is the Mucha Museum.

This Museum was opened in 1988 in Carnicom Palace, which is located directly in the city centre. For many, probably, will be a revelation to learn that Alphonse Mucha is a world-famous artist, whose fate is very interesting. At the time, he was not accepted into the Prague art Academy, and the reason for denial was “lack of talent”. Teachers seriously regretted the incident, since the Fly became the pride of the Czech Republic. The artist never forgot where he was born, and even wore the Czech national costumes in everyday life, despite the fact that traveled a lot and Prague is rare. It was called in the French style – Mucha. The nickname stuck for the rest of his days.

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   The work of Alfons Mucha is very flexible. He was not just drawing pictures. Among his works you can find a variety of urban posters, unique photographs. He even put some theatrical performances, and he has designed the costumes for these performances. The man was very smart, talented and multifaceted. The most well known series of paintings called the Slav epic, which visited the exhibitions in Paris and new York. For such great achievements of the Czech nation and they organized the Museum which bears the name of Alphonse Mucha.

In the Museum represented only a small part of the work of the artist. Basically it is various panels and decorations. Noteworthy shop of master, which has been preserved from those times very well. Here you can see family photos, interesting pieces of furniture and much more.

If the tour of the Museum of Alfons Mucha will seem tedious, you will be able to relax in the beautiful garden Kaunasskogo Palace. At the exit of the Museum, anyone can buy interesting Souvenirs for themselves and their friends with the motives of paintings by Czech artist.

The most famous paintings from the cycle “Slavic epic”, and indeed of the creativity of the Flies, are the following paintings:

Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 3The Slavs in the ancestral homelandMucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 4of the Preaching of Jan HUSMucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 5Holiday Sventovita
Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 6The abolition of serfdom in Russia,Mucha Museum, Prague, Czech Republic - 7the Introduction of the Slavic Liturgy in Moravia

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