Museum of art Queens, new York, USA

Museum of art Queens, new York, USA

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  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: New York
  • Address: Queens, NY 11368

   Museum of art Queens – is certainly one of the major art museums and part educational centre, which is located in new York city Queens. Very urban building, also located in the Park flushing Mucous-Crown, and it was built there precisely in order to be able to host the world exhibition, which took place in 1939. Also a very important role to increase the fame of this building was played by the General Assembly of the UN, which took place in it Dating back from 1946 to 1950. Now here is the Museum itself, it was founded in 1972, and started simultaneously to perform the functions of historical places and Museum of fine arts, and education center.

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Historically made the pavilion, which remained from the world exhibition in 1939, was designed by Imara Emberi Second, and by 1964 the building was again updated according to the executed architect Daniel Chita to then again have the opportunity to host the Expo, which was scheduled for 1964. The exhibition was the first time presents a Panorama of new York, speaking in simple words, it is a scale model, which was supposed to represent five districts of the city. The model became very famous exhibit in the exposition of the Museum.

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In our time, by the beginning of 2009, the Museum began a multimillion-dollar project dedicated mainly to expansion of the area. Construction companies and engineering firms that are engaged in the reconstruction, began to implement the project, which further helped to increase the size of all the Museum space in General up to 9300 square meters, stretching him fully through all the building that is the Museum itself. If to speak more precisely, had already been transferred entirely ice rink, which until then was in the southern part of this building. Before this skating rink was there for six years.

The educational program of the Museum of art Queens every year attracts around 30 thousand people, among them children and adults. Different courses are designed for mnogopotochnoy audience. The curriculum here can constantly vary, starting with the individual trips to a single class and ending long-term cooperation. It is here that students can study architecture and art, as well as geography, history and modern design, and also taught the ability to handle the cards, and straight to the exhibits of the Museum. In addition, in the Arsenal of the Museum also include a large mass of all family programs and of course programs designed specifically for the older generation, which necessarily includes a retrospective of classics concerts, movies and, of course, is a mandatory organization of various meetings and clubs.