Museum of fine arts, USA, Boston

Museum of fine arts, USA, Boston

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  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: Boston
  • Address: 465 Huntington Ave

One of the most oldest cities in America – Boston, was founded exactly in 1630, and has, to date, managed to obtain the status of intellectual, political, and technological city. The city has several museums, but the most memorable is, of course, the Museum of fine arts, which is in the public domain. Most of the exhibits have been collected around the world, they were delivered to the Museum numerous entrepreneurs and, of course, scientists, and all of them joined in the first place, the love of the public interest.

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The history of the Museum of fine arts, took its origin even before its first official opening day. From the very beginning, the city built an ordinary building of the Boston Athenaeum, it was designed in the Gothic revival style, and by 1807 the building was opened by the library. Since 1826 the building began to hold different kinds of art exhibitions, and the library was able to obtain a secret status – the Museum of the city of Boston. It lasted quite a long time, until finally one very enterprising group of Bostonians suddenly suggested to try to create a special separate municipal center, which also could be used for various art directions. But the rapidly expanding functions of the Athenaeum was assumed to reduce to the standard use of the library functions already in scientific quality. This idea was soon approved, and on 4 February 1870 was safely based Corporation, which was called the Museum of fine arts.

The first Museum building was constructed on the southern part of the square Copley Square on the ground. Also, very notable is the fact that the area was named in honor of the artist singleton Copley, a native of Boston. The construction of this building was done by John Sturges, working as an architect.

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Today, the Museum of fine arts received the title of the huge multi-complex. The Museum collection also includes more than one million items of applied and fine arts. Among most American museums it takes the second place after the Metropolitan Museum of art, located in new York. But, nevertheless, some indicators still allow the Museum of fine arts to be the best among all the other countries of the world.

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The Museum has the most extensive collection of paintings by Claude Monet outside of Paris. There is also stored a very large number of exhibits of art of the Ancient East, especially of different Egyptian collection. And, of course, the collection represents the beautiful Japanese ceramics, which were collected by Edward Morse, simply has no equal. Presents paintings of the French Impressionists Manet, Cezanne, Renoir, van Gogh, Gauguin.