Museum of Isabella Stewart Gardner, Boston, USA

Museum of Isabella Stewart Gardner, Boston, USA

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  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: Boston
  • Address: 280 Fenway

Not just the city of Boston in America called poetry city, he has a very rich past behind her, and his eyes constantly looking to the bright future. And really, this is one of the oldest and, of course, richest cities in the U.S. organically is able to combine on its fairly compact area of science with industry, and culture with education. Among such an impressive number of museums, some of them have great international acclaim, and of course in the same number is and the Museum is named in honor of Isabella Stewart Gardner.

Glory to him in the first place could bring a famous collection of works of popular Sargent, but at the same time going for very many years the founder of the Museum. For example, paintings by Sargent, they are exhibited in many museums and most art galleries in the U.S. and in Europe, but, nevertheless, most of his works were collected in Boston. So, first, Isabella is already quite a lot of years tied a strong friendship with directly by John singer Sargent with. And, of course, in addition to the most popular collections of the Museum Start Gardner can also be seen in the same Museum of fine arts, and of course do not forget about the building in Public libraries.

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Herself Isabella Stewart Gardner, with its thin enough artistic taste was born in the family of highly successful banker from new York. Its a good education in the family had been provided since childhood, and after Isabel grew up, and it’s time to get married, and then not had any problems, and indeed marriage in General, it turned out to be quite profitable. Her husband was a businessman John Gardner, a very wealthy man, allowing herself Mrs. Gardner also managed to turn his impetuous passion for the art in the case concerning her life.

In the collection in quite large quantities and is dominated by a fairly valuable paintings of many Italian artists worked in the Renaissance. In addition to painting, in the collection of Mrs. Gardner also started to join different kinds of sculptures, drawings, engravings, and various objects of applied art, and various fabrics, glass, ceramics and furniture.

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After her father died in 1891, Isabella was able to get in their room in the form of inheritance great condition. Meeting Isabella that she has incredible new force began to invest all of your finances and your soul in a relatively short time started to become one of the most community collections of works of art throughout the vast country. That is why, after some time Isabella with the support of her husband, suddenly decides to build for his collection, a special building, but, alas, to engage in the construction of the Isabella Gardner has single-handedly since her husband died in December 1898. For the construction of the building was chosen a plot of land which was situated along the highway to Fenway. Actually here hence the original name of this building – Fenway Court.