Museum of Islamic ceramics, Cairo, Egypt

Museum of Islamic ceramics, Cairo, Egypt

Museum of Islamic ceramics, Cairo, Egypt - 1

  • Country: Egypt
  • City: Cairo
  • Address: Gezira Art Centre, 1 Al~Sheikh Al-Marsafi St., Zamalek

   Museums of Egypt attract many interested tourists. One of the recently created repositories dedicated to ancient artifacts and bears the name Museum of Islamic ceramics. It is located in a beautiful Palace built in 1924 in downtown Cairo to Prince AMR Ibrahim on the street, Gezira island, Zamalek. Two-story with basement building looks a good synthesis of the architectural motives of Turkish, Moroccan and Andalusian style and surrounded by a charming garden with expressive sculptures. Egypt has established this nationalized space, renovated by architect Ali Raagacom born in 1998, a collection of rare vintage ceramics 8 – 19th centuries.

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In the main hall of the Palace, covered with a transparent dome with a rich carved wooden ornament, the centre is occupied by a fountain, and marble walls are decorated with stained glass Windows. Placed around the gallery, dedicated to ceramic heritage of different eras: the Umayyad (8th century), Fatimid (10th to 12th century), Ayyubid (13th century), Mamluk (14th – 16th centuries) and Ottoman (16th – 19th centuries). Visitors can see more than 315 unique ancient vases, dishes, vessels, cups, saucers, plates and oil lamps. Professionals it is clear that ceramics holds valuable information not only about art, but about the economy, technology, family relationships. Other museums are the envy of placement on the area of 850 square meters is not only a collection of ceramics, but also many ancient samples of textiles, tapestries, glass, inlaid, metal, weapons, carpets, calligraphy and books.

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