Museum of science and industry, Chicago, USA

Museum of science and industry, Chicago, USA

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  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: Chicago
  • Address: 5700 S Lake Shore Dr

In the USA just love a major city, in which there is at least one of the science museums. In this case was no exception and the city of Chicago, which is famous for its huge industry, economic, and transportation center. But the location itself is huge in Chicago’s famous Museum of science, which takes in a list of American museums one of the top three positions, mainly the number of collections, but also by their quality, and of course, the great popularity that can be compared only with the famous Disneyland.

The Museum was established by the 1920-ies, and even in the time of the exhibition it was conceived as a fairly interactive. In other words, those in which the visitor can touch with their hands any of the favourite exhibits precisely those things which will further help themselves to visitors as closely as possible to meet the principle of operation of all these incredibly interesting exhibits, while not reading any descriptions.

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Such an extraordinary idea for this very unusual, “open” Museum, and for some time was borrowed from fellow Museum professionals from Germany. The author of this very interesting idea was Julius Rosenwald and he is also the founder of the Museum. The rosenwald was a well-known American philanthropist, patron and part-time millionaire. He also believed that this kind of museums is absolutely necessary to be able to put on the right path of development of the younger, younger generation. In our time the Museum began to provide financial support to a large part of many highly reputed organizations considering this kind of help is a great way to put youth on the right path of development.

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At the very same Rosenwald this idea of the possible creation of a Museum has come after he went to Munich and visited together with his offspring Deutsches Museum. Such a stunning reaction from his own children have pushed it to those kind of thoughts about the Museum, however, the correctness of his decision and the future he never doubted.

If you start to talk about the range of exhibits, it is just incredibly diverse. Even the genre of “fairy tale” is beautifully provided in the Museum. It would seem, and here the Museum, but here, however, are perfectly exhibits the famous Round table, which was an integral part of the gathering place of king Arthur and his best knights. But this is not the most interesting. The Museum also contains such incredible things as a huge heart and a bubble, and this despite the fact that visitors may also get inside the most of these things. But, of course, the best choice would be to come himself, and by personal experience verify the unlikelihood of this amazing place.