Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev

Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev

Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev - 1

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Kiev
  • Address: Volodymyrska str., 35

SBU – security service of Ukraine – is located in a beautiful building on the street, Vladimir was established in 1913. About it residents and many guests of the “capital city”, of course, heard. But about the Museum of the SBU, which is located in the same building, unfortunately, know far not all.

Of course, to get to the Museum is not so simple – object modal, to enter into the building only with a pass. Therefore it is better to negotiate the visit to the exhibition as part of the overall tour. The application in this case prepares and transmits to the security service team leader, include necessarily passport data of all members. It may seem that such complexity to anything – but believe me, the result is definitely worth the effort. It contains unique exhibits, each with its own history, like a real detective novel.

Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev - 2
Here is everything about what you’ve read in action-works. False noses and beards, soft toys, stuffed to the eyeballs on heroin and “grass”, the anonymous letters with threats in the address of the first persons of the country, explosives, counterfeit money and confiscated weapons and firearms. Some exhibitions are even used as teaching material for beginners SBU – so they can better learn about what has been historically an organisation where they went to work. Basically it’s just a Museum, just full of the most unusual things.

Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev - 3
The exhibition is divided by topics, for example, a large-scale exhibition dedicated solely to drugs – it is packaged in bags, then hidden in Teddy bears, pillows and baby dolls. Here you will find that there are numerous ways to hide the coveted powder or two tablets. You can hide drugs inside a mobile phone, in a suitcase with a double bottom or sole of the Shoe.

Of course, attracts attention and the showcase of weapons and explosives (including the so-called self-made). All of this can be seen as a visual record of the security state of the work performed. Every exhibit could bring death and destruction – but instead was seized peacefully and now decorates a shelf. By the way, a special unit of the SBU is not only the actual search of explosive materials, but also destroys in print and on the world wide web recipes such dangerous compositions.

Museum of the security service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kiev - 4
History buffs will see here also the exhibition of original artwork over the years. All these valuables were confiscated from smugglers. Visitors are always amazed at the diversity: there are icons, old books, a variety of prints, all kinds of jewelry, even the real ancient shroud.

Another stand – entirely devoted to the activities of the special unit “Alfa”. The Museum provides its guests the opportunity to admire the special form of Kevlar, the helmets, made partly of bulletproof glass, special weapons, including the unique knives-scouts. And in fact in this article hardly the tenth part of all “criminal treasure”. Best of all – visit the Museum and see it with my own eyes!