Museum Of Treasures Of Basilica Of Santa Croce

Museum Of Treasures Of Basilica Of Santa Croce

Museum Of Treasures Of Basilica Of Santa Croce - 1

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Florence
  • Address: Piazza S. Croce

   Italy is a country that can surprise you with a lot of monuments of architecture and the greatest creations of the famous personalities who have long left this world. And if, during your journey, you decide to go in Florence, then you certainly need to visit the Museum of Treasures of Basilica of Santa Croce.

   Basilica of Santa Croce, in Italian, means the Church of the Holy cross. It is located in the centre of Florence and is one of the most famous attractions of this city. The original Church was a small chapel, while in 1252 to the restructuring have not violated Arnolfo di Cambio. The new Church really lives up to its expectations – millions of tourists come to see this work of art, which for so long has turned into a real Museum.

In 1442 the Church was consecrated by Pope Eugene IV. Before you go into the Cathedral to all tourists overcome a small obstacle: you have to climb up eight steps. In form a Basilica similar to the Egyptian T-shaped cross, and its interior is visually expanded through Windows adorned with stained glass Windows. On the right side of the monastery’s yard is a Museum of treasures of Basilica of Santa Croce. Here is a huge number of works of art of such famous artists as Bernardo and Antonio Rossellino, Tadeo Gaddy, Donatello, Antonio Canova and other famous personalities.