Museum Opera del Duomo, Italy

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Florence
  • Address: Piazza del Duomo, 9

Admiring the beauty of the Florence Cathedral, the tourists are sure that they saw everything important in Florence. Wrong. The originals of many of the masterpieces of the Cathedral are kept in the Cathedral Museum, which is a brilliant Church Brunelleschi.

In the building where the Museum housed the offices of the administration building, several apartments for architects, workshops of sculptors and artists. Here today, besides the Museum, restoration workshops are located. Guides say that this building Michelangelo sculpted his David.

The exposition consists of various layouts, drawings, documents related to the construction of the Cathedral. Here a large collection of all kinds of construction machinery Renaissance. But the main thing in the exhibition is not even that.

The original works of Donatello, Michelangelo, Bandinelli, and many others. Among the works of “the Creator of Vatican city” special attention should be paid to the composition of “Pieta with Nicodemus”, which was left unfinished. Buonarroti wanted this song adorned his grave, but to complete it did not. Today the sculpture occupies a Central place in the Museum of the Cathedral.

Museum Opera del Duomo, Italy - 1
Doors decorated with bas-reliefs by Ghiberti, the so-called “gates of Paradise”, amazing skill, precision and realism.

The Museum has a rich archive. In addition to project documentation, it contains a unique medieval Church books, disposal of construction managers. Huge music archive of the Museum. Here are collections of sacred music, choral score from 1300 until the early 20th century. The collection, compiled by the best conductors of the Cathedral for seven centuries in the history of the Cathedral.

Restoration workshops are now located in the place where he created sculptures for the Cathedral. Here is preserved a special atmosphere, collected a great collection of tools sculptors.

The Museum maintains an active organizational activities. Annually hosts dozens of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshops. The sacred music festival is also one of the “creations” of the Museum.

Currently the Museum is closed for renovation. The opening is expected in autumn 2015. After the reconstruction will increase the area for the exhibition, the Museum will be equipped with electronic devices and touch screens. Currently, you can only visit restoration workshops upon reservation.