Museums of Lutsk Castle and their descriptions, Ukraine

Museums of Lutsk Castle and their descriptions, Ukraine

Museums of Lutsk Castle and their descriptions, Ukraine - 1

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Lutsk
  • Address: Dragomanova str., 23

   The great Lutsk castle – the main pride of the administrative center of Volyn region, located in the area of Ukraine called luck. Residents of Lutsk, this wonderful castle is also called Lubart castle, which was founded by his. On the grounds of the castle are two recognized masterpiece of fortification architecture of the Museum – Museum of bells and Museum of books. And the castle belongs to the buildings of the epoch of Grand Duchy of Lithuania is of great interest to tourists and lovers of ancient culture.

Museums of Lutsk Castle and their descriptions, Ukraine - 2
The castle is in the structure of historical monuments of the reserve “Old Lutsk”. Visitors can stroll through the historic sites on their own, paying for the ticket or to make a tour with a guide who will familiarize with the interesting facts from the ancient history of the castle. You can climb up the tower, or, conversely, to go down to the basement with a lighted torches, which give a sense of mystery and mystery of the story.

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On-site presented visitors with three ancient towers is the Entrance, Styr, Episcopal, and court house and old office, with the Bishop’s Palace and the remains of the princely Palace. There are still ruins of the ancient temples of the 12th century found on the territory of the castle during archaeological excavations. According to the Chronicles, this is the famous Church of John the theologian, where were buried Prince Lubart, his heirs, and, possibly, the bishops of Volyn.

Of particular interest are the exposition of the book Museum and the Museum of bells exhibits where more than one hundred years. Here are various mechanical machines, various looms, which were printed Codex books.

Often the Museum also holds thematic evenings, exhibitions, where the exhibited old paintings and collections of books from private collectors. The bell Museum presents a collection of beautiful old bells from different eras.

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In Lutsk castle often hosts jousting tournaments, where dressed in chain mail and armor knights fight valiantly clanking of swords. Such event is going to a lot of people wanting to plunge into the history and lifestyle of past centuries. Of course, the fighting did not correspond to the spirit of the era, but still, I want to dream a little.

According to history, in 1929 the castle was attended by kings and ambassadors of the European States to discuss political issues. During the breaks between discussions, gentlemen entertained races, tournaments, falconry hunting, that was held on the territory of Lutsk.

In Lutsk castle was the seat of the rulers of Volyn, the aristocrats and the Episcopal choir of the diet. These events are reflected in the records and books of the clerks of the castle, which has survived to the present day and shed light on historical events of the life of the cities of Lutsk castle.

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In the Castle complex are two buildings – Upper and Lower castles. While for visitors there is only one lock – Top that has survived for more than one century, and Lower still in the stage of reconstruction. Lutsk castle was built within forty years. It included boinickii towers and defensive walls and the castle grounds turned out in the shape of a triangle with a strong impregnable walls. The only building which is well preserved is the castle of the Bishop of Volhynia, built in the nineteenth century.