National art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

National art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

National art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain - 1

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Barcelona
  • Address: Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuic, s/n, 08038

Spain is famous for its beautiful places. National art Museum of Catalonia, located in Barcelona is no exception. This is truly a place of extraordinary beauty, which often equate to the wonder of the world.

   The Museum is located at the foot of montjuïc, in the National Palace, which was built in 1929. The Museum of national art of Catalunya was opened only in 1990. His collection consists of two Museum collections – the Museum of modern art and the Museum of art of Catalonia – hence the name.

If not delve much into the history, we can learn that the Museum was opened in 1934, but the Spanish civil war influenced the activities of the Museum and it was closed, having existed for only about two years. And after the Second World war the above mentioned two museums were United in one – the Museum of art of Catalonia.

   First visitors of the Museum adopted in 1995 year with the exhibition of works of the Romanesque masters. It is to this day one of the largest collections of the Museum, where various murals, some of which are found in the 12-13 centuries.

Also in the Museum you can see various works from wood, some Assembly and painting. Since 1997 the Museum has a Department of Gothic art. In 2000 launched the collection of masters of the Renaissance. Though this collection is small, but it is possible to come across work of such famous artists as El Greco and Velazquez.

In addition to these exhibits, the Museum of art of Catalunya are also available with engravings and drawings. Some such work more than 300 years, causing great interest among visitors. Also there is a hall, where the posted photos. They depict Catalonia from the 17th century to the present day. The numismatic hall is very impressive, where visitors will see various ancient coins, medals and banknotes, some of which dates to the 6th century BC.

National art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain - 2
In 1992, when were the summer Olympics in Spain, the building that houses the Museum, was restored and put in order. In addition, again began to operate fountains, which are located at the entrance to the Museum that was delighted not only to the employees of Museum of art of Catalonia, but the people of Spain.