National Museum of medicine of Ukraine, Kyiv

National Museum of medicine of Ukraine, Kyiv

  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Kiev
  • Address: B. Hmelnitskogo str. 37

   Museum of medicine of Ukraine is known around the world for its unique collection of exhibits, as well as their specific orientation. Around the world there are many art and historical museums, but such in-depth subjects, unfortunately, not a lot.

History of the Museum began in 1853 with the advent of the anatomy theatre in 1973, thanks to the work of honored scientist of Ukraine, Professor O. A. Grando, doctor of medical Sciences, was converted into the Museum that we see now.

   National Museum of medicine of Ukraine is open to show the famous collection of bones, and also to give the chance to the visitor to discover the history of development of medicine, see in the faces of those legendary figures of science, thanks to which doctors are able to take care of our health in modern times. Interestingly, the exhibits tell not only about the development of medicine over the last century, but also covers ancient periods, offering the visitors medical records, which were in use in those times, ancient medical tools, medicinal plants, thanks to which the treatment was provided.

The Museum will be of interest to all who are interested in medicine and the development of the history of Ukrainian culture.