National Museum of the American Indian in new York

National Museum of the American Indian in new York

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  • Country: U.S. Museums
  • City: New York
  • Address: Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House One Bowling Green

Despite the fact that today is the national Museum of the American Indian is a structure with three branches, of which the Central is in Washington, his office in new York is the first Museum, which became the basis of the National Museum. And still he referred to as the center of the George Gustav hay – named after its founder.

The first exhibit of hay purchased in 1897 It was the shirt of deerskin Navajo. His financial business was allowed to purchase all the new items already in bulk, thus creating the largest private collection of native American artifacts in the world, which he publicly called “Museum hay”. Officially, 1916 is the year of the founding of the Museum of the American Indian in 1922 and opened for visitors. Until 1956 the Director was left of the hay.

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According to the decision of the U.S. Congress in 1990, the collection of hay has become a national treasure and was placed under the control of the Smithsonian society, and in 1994 the collection became a branch of the National Museum of the American Indian. Now he is a former new York customs house in lower Manhattan, built in 1907 on the project of Cass Gilbert, a famous architect. The building itself is one of the most important historical and architectural monuments of the city. It is decorated with columns, antique sculptures, relief compositions, and in its interior is dominated by the white marble. The ceilings and part of the interior are decorated with frescoes.

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The Museum’s extensive collection, consisting of more than 800 thousand exhibits and archives of more than 125 thousand photos, you’ll here the area of about 42,000 m2. The collection contains artifacts that belonged to the Indian tribes of Latin and Central America as well as Canada and Alaska. Of special interest are works of art, work of Indian craftsmen, paintings by Indian artists, beading, traditional costumes of different tribes, ritual masks, pottery, weapons. There are collections of scalps. Among the exhibits – things that once belonged to the chiefs Geronimo and Sitting Bull, among which there are also a few scalps.

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It often hosts themed ethnographic exhibition dedicated to the peoples of the Americas, the exchange of exhibitions with other branches of the Museum and ethnographic museums in other countries, so always visit is interesting and informative. In the Museum you can also go to a concert of traditional Indian music, cultural events dedicated to the life of the Indians, and to visit a cozy cafe, where a large variety of traditional Indian dishes prepared according to recipes of various Indian tribes from all regions of the country. And of course there is a souvenir shop.