“Naturmort in front of the open window,” Juan Gris – overview of the painting

“Naturmort in front of the open window,” Juan Gris – overview of the painting
“Naturmort in front of the open window,” Juan Gris - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Juan Gris
  • Museum: Philadelphia Art Museum
  • Year: 1915

Overview of the painting :

Still life in front of the open window is Juan Gris. Oil on canvas. 114 x 89 cm

   Artist Juan Gris talentedly, vividly and extraordinary depicted an amazing picture. It is painted with oil on canvas, in the genre of synthetic cubism with elements of analytical.

   The eye has a cozy, homely interior of the room. Summer, heat, morning. The room opened a window that opens a view of the city square of Ravignan. Outside the window, trees that spread the foliage in front of a neighboring house, a bench, a street lamp, a stone fence, and a hedge railing. Indoor on the table is an interesting still life consisting of household items. A cup of coffee, glasses, apples in a bowl, a fresh newspaper with news, an ashtray, a book, a glass, a jug of compote, a box of sweets and a bottle of wine create a morning, quiet, everyday atmosphere. The early morning is filled with bursts of the artist’s emotional state. Still life is filled with the way of life of the Paris intelligentsia.

   The artwork is full of bright colors. It makes a smooth transition from intense warm colors in the foreground of the picture to cold, blue in the back. Images of objects are lost in space, merging with the general background of the picture, which makes perception a little difficult. The master of the brush sought to convey the aesthetics of painting and a good mood in his work. His romantic dreaming brought a special recognition to the artistic masterpiece.

   The picture gives good, light, joy, tranquility, favorable energy, stimulates intellectual abilities, develops imagination and imagination. She is interested in contemplating, analyzing, thinking about life. It touches the moments of the eternal. Artist Juan Gris gave the world an unusual work of art that bears the secrets and mysteries of the last century.