“Naturmort with a Supply,” Antonio Pereda – overview of the painting

“Naturmort with a Supply,” Antonio Pereda – overview of the painting
“Naturmort with a Supply,” Antonio Pereda - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Antonio de Pereda
  • Museum: Hermitage
  • Year: 1652

Overview of the painting :

Still life with delivery – Antonio Pass. Oil on canvas. 80×94

   Antonio Pereda is a prominent painter at the Madrid school who has been influenced by Velazquez. He painted on historical and biblical stories, but gained great fame thanks to his still lifes.

   In the presented work, the objects are arranged so that the viewer can admire and how to consider their forms and intricate decor. There is no chance in the work, almost mandatory in Flemish still life, everything is arranged in a certain strict order.

   Central to the place is a large casket of ferrous wood ladas laid out with plates of white bone. A piece of varnish is hung from an open box of casket, shaded by a bright folk ornament. A variety of ceramic products are located on and around the casket: a red vase with a stucco ornament, a vessel with ornamental painting, in which a winged female figure is visible, and other, less ceremonial vessels. The pass carefully prescribed details such as a broken edge in a faience jug or the loss of watering on a painted pattern, traces of time on the fabric. The artist introduces an interesting detail into the picture – a pot-bellied glass jar filled with transparent water. There is also a piece of cheese, biscuits and cakes, neatly laid out on a piece of white paper. Carefully transmitting the color of each individual subject, the master did not seek to come to one common range of the work as a whole, but this made the still life very elegant and attractive.