“Naturmort with Ebony Sunduk”, Antonio Pass – overview of the painting

“Naturmort with Ebony Sunduk”, Antonio Pass – overview of the painting
"Naturmort with Ebony Sunduk", Antonio Pass - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Antonio de Pereda
  • Museum: Unknown
  • Year: 17th century

Overview of the painting :

Still life with Ebony Sunduk – Antonio Pass.

   A worthy representative of the “golden age of Baroque” is Hispanic Antonio de Pereda-i-Salgado painter paintings of the religious and historical genre, still lifes.    It was the image of the objects that brought the artist fame and recognition. Still life is special – allegorical, in the genre of vanitas (from Latin – vanity), dedicated to the theme of the brandy of earthly being.

   But, perhaps, the picture “Naturmort with Ebony Sunduk” can be attributed to a decorative still life, which would fit perfectly into the interior of even a modern apartment.

   How correctly and beautifully the author grouped all the objects, placing them against a neutral color, but on a bright tablecloth. Each vessel, vase, jar of water, jug and cups are depicted by the author carefully and reliably. They are elegant and beautiful. An extended towel stands out with a rainbow spot.

   In the foreground, bread cakes and a piece of cheese are simple Spaniard food. The berets and the wooden mill with a mortar are perfectly inscribed in the overall plot. But, of course, the center of the composition is a magnificent carved chest made of ebony black wood.

   First of all, this indicates the viability of the owner of the chest. Since eben has the most expensive wood in the world, and a tree grows in Africa, Southeast Asia and India.

   Ebony is not simple, magical properties are attributed to it, evil spirits will not be able to penetrate the house where the products of ferrous wood are located. And magical things should be stored in chests made of eben. But these are just myths.

   Apparently, some valuable items are stored in the chest, or maybe expensive products, for example, spices, which in those days were very expensive. This is confirmed by the presence of keys sticking out in the chest lock.

   The picture leaves a great impression – the luxury of the color scheme, harmony and at the same time sophistication and sophistication, despite the simplicity of the objects depicted.