Night on the eve of the exam, Leonid Osipovich Pasternak

Night on the eve of the exam, Leonid Osipovich Pasternak
Night on the eve of the exam, Leonid Osipovich Pasternak - 1

  • Posted by Pasternak Leonid Osipovich
  • Museum: Museum d’Orce
  • Year: 1895

Overview of the painting :

The night before the exam is Leonid Osipovich Pasternak. 1895. Oil on canvas. 39 x 55.5 cm

   Students are the same at all times. This fact confirms the picture depicting four students from the royal times. Despite the enormous difference in time and in living conditions, these four can be considered archetypes of students of all time.

   The canvas captures part of the room with a large square table by the window and multi-masted furniture around it. The room is very simple and modest – a typical student dormitory or inexpensive rental housing. Light walls, wooden golden floors, white tablecloth on the floor, the same white linen on the bed with a magnificent down pillow, a light fabric on the window – all this creates a certain atmosphere of purity and innocence of youth.

   Each of the students in his own way approaches school. One of them stands, bowing low above the table and leaning against it. He literally glows at his notes lying on the table. It is evident that he will never be distracted from diligent studies.

   The second student sits comfortably with his foot on his leg in a large wooden armchair with carved armrests and figure legs. On his knees lies an open book, in his hand is clamped with a cigarette or papyros. He thought, looking at the space outside the window.

   The third student, most likely the future medic, is indicated by the human skull that he holds in his hand. With the second hand, he feeds the forehead, putting his elbow on the table. He sits on a rotten Viennese chair, dressed in a simple white shirt.

   The fourth character of the picture sits against the wall, thoughtfully considering the cigarette in his hands. His books and papers lie on a chair in front of him, his uniform cap is thrown from above.

   Poltno pleases with the exact transmission of the situation and a sense of volumetric space. It is written in an impressionist manner, soft, large enough strokes, so there are no clear contours here, everything is very airy and slightly vague. Light color, a well-built composition and an interesting plot attract the attention of viewers to this genre picture.