“Northern edge. Siberian River ”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov – overview

“Northern edge. Siberian River ”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov – overview
"Northern edge. Siberian River ”, Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - overview - 1

  • Author: Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1899

Overview of the painting :

Northern Territory. Siberian River – Apollinariy Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. Oil on canvas. 178 x 250 cm
   Love for nature lived in Apollinaria Mikhailovich Vasnetsov since childhood. He traveled a lot in Russia, visited Ukraine, the Caucasus, Crimea, and visited Europe, bringing numerous sketches and drawings from each trip. All the impressions of what was seen were reflected in his wonderful landscapes, but still the main place in his works was occupied by the nature of the middle strip of Russia.

   For two years, he traveled around Siberia and the Urals, whose pristine and wild beauty made an indelible impression on him. Having returned home, Apollinari Mikhailovich has been working on a cycle of magnificent epic paintings for several years, glorifying the power of this harsh land. Before us is the work of a master completing this cycle.

   The summer day has come to an end. Twilight came. The sun is no longer visible, and the evening sky is rapidly changing its color from the gently-lazing in the tower to the light-violet in the distance, at the very horizon, bloomed by bright pink-orange flashes. The last sun’s rays add purple shades to the blueish-sharp color of low clouds, slowly floating in the sky.

   A magnificent view of the taiga opens from above, spread over many hundreds of kilometers and leaving for a barely visible lead-blue chain of mountains. A wide, full-flowing river, wriggling together, flows great between the rocky shores, losing in the distance. There is no wind, and the vast sky in the mirror is reflected in cold calm water. But the river stream makes another turn, and now the reflection is trembling in dark gray boiling jets on the roll.

   The harsh northern forest rises along the banks. Among the impenetrable thickets, deserted grayish-brown rocks are visible. Long dark shadows lie in open areas. The whitish crawling fog with gray veil gradually hides dry rugs and mighty trunks overgrown with moss and lichen. Still clearly visible dark-Malachite and blue-green crowns of fluffy pines, slender spruce and larchs, towering above the mysterious forest, casting silver gray- olive paints in the evening light.

   Worshiping a little, but still confidently and proudly rises above the taiga, a mighty fir, withstood many snowstorms and winds.

   The artist uses an almost monochrome palette. The harmonious combination of cold blue, muffled green and calm gray colors, give the image depth and expanse, fill with a sense of freshness of crystal clear, cool air. However, small cream and light orange spots add warmth. With inconspicuous strokes, mixing colors somewhere, forcing them to gently flow from light to shadow, and somewhere laying them next to them, emphasizing the saturation or transparency of the shades, the artist managed to convey to us the reality of a real, lively picture.

   Everything around is embraced in peace in anticipation of the night. No sound is heard. But the immense width of the protected taiga and the high sky is breathtaking. Eternal beauty and infinitum of the world. The master managed to show the strength and power of the northern nature, to reveal her soul. Polotno fascinates, fills with a sense of freedom, makes you think about the infinity of life.