Official US postage stamps 1873-1884

The franking privilege having been abolished, to take effect on the 1st day of July 1873, the Postmaster General, as required by law, provided a series of stamps of special design for each of the executive departments of the Government for the prepay merit of postage on an official matter.

us postage stamps 1873-1884

They are tabulated as follows:

Department, color and denomination of the US postage stamps 1873-1884

Denomination Subject Executive (carmine) State (green)
1 Franklin $ 0.01 $ 0.01
2 Jackson .02 .02
3 Washington .03 .03
6 Lincoln .06 .06
7 Stanton .07
10 Jefferson .10 .10
12 Clay .12
15 Webster .15
24 Scott .24
30 Hamilton .30
90 Perry .90
Seward 2.00
Seward 5.00
Seward 10.00
Seward 20.00
Value of set .22 39.00

us postage stamps 1873-1884 6-7-10-12 cent

Description of postage stamps 1873-1884

The elliptical white ground filled by a face on the official stamps of the other departments is, on the stamps for the Post Office Department, made to represent the denominations by bold-face Arabic numerals 5/16 of an inch high.

us postage stamps from 1873 to 1884

The name of the department is printed across the top in lieu of the words “U. S. postage.”

us stamps from 1873 to 1884

There is also a slight difference in the ornamentation of the border.

united states stamps 1873-1884

In design, the official stamps for the other departments do not differ materially from those issued for sale to the public.

us postage stamps 1873-1884 from 1 for 30 cent

The profile busts are retained, but each stamp has at the top the name of the particular department for which it was provided instead of the words “U. S. postage.”

us stamps postage from 1873 to 1884 from 6 to 90 cents

Other changes, appearing in the border, need not be specified.

us postage stamps 1873-1884 15-24-30-90 cent

us postage stamps 1873-1884 2-5-10-20 dollars

us stamps postage from 1873 to 1884

These stamps were supplanted on May 1, 1879, by the penalty envelope and on the 5th of July, 1884, were declared obsolete.

the united states postage stamps 1873-1884

the united states stamps from 1873 to 1884

(Sec. 3, p. 158, 23 Stat., amending sec. 3915 of the Revised Statutes)

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