The Opel Museum in Rüsselsheim

Opel museum Rüsselsheim

  • The Opel Museum Rüsselsheim

Opel museum Rüsselsheim

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Rüsselsheim
  • Address: Riemker Str. 22

  • Hours: every day from 9:00 to 17:00, except Saturday and Sunday

Opel is one of the most famous and popular worldwide brands of German cars. Her symbol in the form of a zigzag or lightning is recognizable even by those who have little to do with the motor or driving machine. But few are familiar with the history of this brand.

Rüsselsheim Opel Museum

The History Of Opel

About it tells visitors in the Museum at the birthplace of the Creator of the brand, in the small town of Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt. Adam Opel has decided to get ahead in life, not to continue his father’s business. He opened his native town factory sewing machines and developed a prototype. Then the talented entrepreneur started the production of bicycles. Then the factory produced motorcycles and even planned to create missiles, but the Creator of the brand did not live up to the first car of 4 years.

Opel museum Germany

Opel Museum Rüsselsheim and Exposition

Created near the company’s factory Museum cars, Opel has a vast and very expensive every sense of the collection of cars of different times. Interestingly, about 80% of all exhibits are on the move and periodically “rolled out” for trips around town and for various events.

Already in the courtyard of the Museum, visitors are greeted by a bus “Blitz” in 1954. The machine is on the go, and it rolls to guide visitors around the Opel Museum Rüsselsheim site. On the bus, the original wood trim and all the equipment enthralls tourists.

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The Opel Museum in Rüsselsheim - 1
The Opel Museum in Rüsselsheim - 2

The on-site Opel Museum Rüsselsheim contains not only samples of all production cars of the brand from the very first models, in which Farah stood the most ordinary candles, to the last, released in our time, but also a unique concept car. The notion of concept in the automotive industry in Germany was developed in Opel. Opel Experimental GT is considered the first European concept car. Of course, he exhibited in the Museum. This bright orange machine was not included in the series, but was carefully preserved for posterity.

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The Museum contains many different models that were created as concepts and prototypes but did not be produced for a variety of different reasons. More details you can find on TripAdvisor. They are all represented in the exhibition and are of great interest not only as samples of the plant but also as a reminder of the daring genius of their creators ahead of their time.

The Opel Museum in Rüsselsheim - 3
Original cars are exhibited not only in the main halls but also in the underground parking lot of the Opel Museum Germany. Every step there are as quite unusual and unexpected from the point of view of designing cars and conventional series products. It a well recognized, because in the postwar era most of the Soviet cars were based on Opel, for example, the famous Muscovite is a reincarnation of the Opel Cadet.

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The most interesting feature of the Opel Museum Germany is that all the exhibits can be touched, and felt the cold metal and smooth paint. Enjoy other museums of the world here.

Is Opel a valid Scrabble word?

Yes, “Opel” is a valid Scrabble word. It is a proper noun that refers to a German automobile manufacturer, and it has a Scrabble point value of 6.

How do you pronounce Opel car?

The correct pronunciation of Opel car is “OH-puhl.” The emphasis is on the first syllable “OH” and the second syllable “puhl” rhymes with the word “full.”

Who made the Buick Opel?

Buick did not make the Opel. Opel is a German automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1862 and is currently a subsidiary of the French automotive group, Stellantis.

However, General Motors, which owns the Buick brand, did have a partnership with Opel in the past. In the 1970s and 1980s, some Buick models were based on Opel designs and were sold in the United States under the Buick brand. One example is the Buick Opel Manta, which was a version of the Opel Manta sports car sold in the US from 1971 to 1975.

When was Opel founded?

Opel was founded on January 21, 1862, by Adam Opel in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Initially, Opel produced sewing machines, and in 1886, the company began manufacturing bicycles. Opel produced its first automobile, the Opel Patent Motor Car “System Lutzmann,” in 1899. Since then, Opel has become one of the largest and most successful German automobile manufacturers, producing a range of cars, vans, and SUVs. In 2021, Opel became a subsidiary of Stellantis, a French-Italian multinational automotive group.

Does Volkswagen own Opel?

No, Volkswagen does not own Opel. Opel is currently a subsidiary of Stellantis, a French-Italian multinational automotive group formed in 2021 by the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the French automaker Groupe PSA.

Volkswagen is a separate German automaker that produces a range of cars, including popular models such as the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, and Passat. Volkswagen owns several other automotive brands, including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda.