Ordinary Postage Stamps – 1894

Those stamps given in italics were changed in color only, as shown in the next line below that italicized.

Ordinary Postage Stamps - 1894

Prior to July 18, 1894, there were no ornaments in the upper corners of the stamps. In this series, the 30-cent and 90-cent stamps, heretofore available have been superseded by stamps in the 50-cent and $1 denominations.

Ordinary Postage Stamps 1894 description

The introduction of these stamps followed the transfer of the manufacture of stamps from private contractors (the American Bank Note Co.) to the Treasury Department in July 1894. The changes are so slight that no notice beyond that given above is necessary, except, perhaps, as to the special-delivery stamp, which to distinguish it from that made by private contractors, has a small line under the words “Ten cents”.

Published by John Jr. Paperly