Overview of the painting “Hunset over the Swamp”, Savrasov

Overview of the painting “Hunset over the Swamp”, Savrasov
Overview of the painting "Hunset over the Swamp", Savrasov - 1

  • Posted by Alexey Kondratievich Savrasov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1871

Overview of the painting :

Sunset over the swamp – Savrasov. 1871. Oil on canvas. 88 x 139 cm

   The landscape genre in Russian painting was first chosen by the mobile, and therefore Savrasov can be called a kind of discoverer. The early Savrasov-Peyzheist is characterized by overt romanticization of the plot, and this canvas is the best proof of this.

   The picture depicts a species common for the middle strip of Russia – endless expanses, a plain covered with uneven loaf contours. However, the painter was able to create extraordinary beauty and solemnity from a simple plot of the picture.

   The master depicted the swamp at that time of day, when the sun almost sat down over the horizon and only red flashes still illuminate the water surface. This light of the setting sun magically illuminates every detail.

   A bare landscape where there are no trees and other greens, while the dynamics and movement are not devoid of dynamics – this problem was solved by the artist by the forces of heaven. The sky is tightened with clouds that hang low above the swamp, while their location indicates the wind. This was the greatest power of the Savrasov artist – to notice the amazing and beautiful in the mundane piece, so that later he would be able to tell the audience about it.