Overview of the painting “Savoyar”, Perov, 1864

Overview of the painting “Savoyar”, Perov, 1864
Overview of the painting "Savoyar", Perov, 1864 - 1

  • Author: Vasily Grigoryevich Perov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1864

Overview of the painting :

Savoyar – Perov. 1864. Oil on canvas. 40.5×32.2

   During his trip to Europe, Perov worked hard. Inspiration seemed to have left him. Each smear was given with difficulty. Once in a strange environment for him, the artist is trying to study morals and customs. He is a regular of fairs and festivities. He is attracted by street and area characters: barrel men, roving jugglers, acrobats and dancers. During one of these “tranks to the people”, he caught a small savoyar in his eyes. This is what Swiss roving musicians were called in Europe, who wandered with a constant flute and trained groundhogs in the cities and towns of the rich countries of the continent.

   Before us is a very young tramp. The artist managed to convey the extreme degree of exhaustion of the child, the difficult fate and tragedy of life itself. Fucked panties, stomped shoes. In the hands of a broken flute is the result of a clash with competitors in street entertainment. A faithful groundhound, hungry and exhausted no less than the owner, pressed against the boy to somehow keep warm. The hat, designed more to collect the “fee”, is empty. So today the poor fellow failed to earn a couple.

   The powerful pavement and high sidewalk emphasize the fragility and defenselessness of the Savoyar. A faded scarf tied to the neck of a small artist, the only thing that gives out in him belonging to the artistic workshop. Frozen hair, pallor, half smile, inspired by a happy dream – make the audience’s heart burst with sympathy and pain for the fate of the boy in a cruel world.