Overview of the painting “Ukrainian Night”, Quinji, 1876

Overview of the painting “Ukrainian Night”, Quinji, 1876
Overview of the painting "Ukrainian Night", Quinji, 1876 - 1

  • Posted by Arkhip Ivanovich Quinji
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1876

Overview of the painting :

Ukrainian Night – Quinji. 1876. Oil on canvas. 79×162

   The work is considered one of the most poetic and, at the same time, refractory in the work of the master. Starting from this “night”, the artist refuses the romantic orientation of his work, giving greater importance to decorativeness and exoticism.

   The picture made a strong impression on the audience who saw in it echoes of Pushkin’s poetry and the Gogolevsky prose. The artist created an amazingly beautiful and even somewhat theatrical composition.

   The favorite manner of the master “collect” light into one bright spot, in this case, emphasizes the idea as best as possible and reveals the “program” of work. Velvet, cool colors of the sky and sleeping nature hone and emphasize the brightness and resitivity of the walls of rural houses. The sly one is floating in the night, illuminating the space with reflected light.

   The refined exotic nature of the landscape, sophistication and idealization fascinate the viewer, attracts him and do not let go for a long time. Making you look more closely at the tinted parts of the landscape, the author achieves the effect of mystery and the inner content of the picture. The poeticity and decorativeness elevated to the absolute – this is how you can characterize the aesthetic essence of the work.

   Starting a new stage in his work, the master is increasingly approaching new trends for him in painting. It is known that many of his students subsequently became apologists for impressionism.