Painting “Berezovaya Alley”, Igor Grabar – overview of the painting

Painting “Berezovaya Alley”, Igor Grabar – overview of the painting
Painting "Berezovaya Alley", Igor Grabar - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1940

Overview of the painting :

Birch Alley – Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar. Oil on canvas. 88 x 75 cm
   Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar painted the painting “Berez Alley” in 1940 at the age of 69. The recognized landscape master once again created a masterpiece filled with sunlight, flickering with snow and spring air. In total, Igor Emmanuilovich created several hundred paintings depicting snow: in particular, his feather belongs to the famous landscapes of “Ein” and “February Lazure”.

   In the picture “Berezovaya Alley” you can see a distinct, deeply printed, uneven trace from the sled, laid in the middle of the alley through melting snow and going far beyond the horizon. Shadows from bare birch branches lie in blue lines on the lower plan of the road, and down there you can see footprints left in loose snow.

   In the center of the picture, a protalina with a dried yellow last year’s grass is shown: according to this detail, showing the power of the warm sun, it becomes clear that the artist depicted a turn from winter to spring. There was not a single snowflake left on this heated place, and you can see that the sled also drove through the hinged clearing, directly over the snow-white zone.

   Here, to the right of the footprint, on the sidelines, blooming primrose is shown, introducing a small but bright green spot in the color of the landscape.

   The road goes down in the background into a ravine, in which there is still snow. The trace of the cavities is framed by an endless corridor of high birch trees, which in the foreground are shown in the usual gray-white color, and behind due to refraction of light they seem pink.

   The fact that the landscape depicts the offseason when moving from winter to spring is obviously in the azure color of the sky. There is not a cloud on it, and it seems that warm rays are about to heat the whole alley, and it will throw off a snow blanket like a protina in the center of the picture.